Merrika Chappelle has rapidly gained a reputation for creative innovative artworks out of discarded, salvaged and reclaimed items.


Her one-of-a-kind designs center around furniture and lighting, and

no two of her designs are exactly alike. Each design is handcrafted by the artist herself.


Part of what makes her work in-demand with interior designers and art collectors is that each design is visually striking, and has a story to tell.


Definitely for collectors, lovers of the quirky, interesting and rare.

Merrika is always looking for interesting ways to combine objects in new designs. Her work is cutting edge, but each design is still intended to be functional.

“I like the creative challenge of taking a cast-off relic, or even just pieces of what seem to be junk, and then transforming them into pieces that people seem to really enjoy. Repurposing is quite a trend at the moment, but in my opinion it is crucial to also have a defined design.  Although you can’t help but look at my designs, they are not for everyone – each piece is one of a kind and has its own story to tell."