Heli Chandelier

This traditional French inspired chandelier is a classic example of juxtaposition. The word chandelier typically invokes images of ballrooms, crystal and champagne rather than the chains and helicopter turbine gears that make up this chandelier. It projects the air of elegance and fascination reserved for its traditional cousins. The lighting component is made up of five automotive LED globes. $2800

Fluro Pendant/Floor Lamp

This pendant light can also be a floor lamp and is immediately eye catching. The fluorescent tubes, which are bound by titanium helicopter parts, catch and disperse the light from a central LED light source. Fluorescent tubes began to replace incandescent bulbs in wartime manufacturing eras. Generally used as an inexpensive way to light large areas, they are seldom used in “feature” lighting. Excellent in commercial or residential spaces. Dimensions - 1200 x 280 $1100

Helicopter Pendant

A close look at this rear engine casing from a military helicopter reveals a hand machined and intricately detailed example of quality craftsmanship that seems a sin to destroy. This magnificent pendant style light casts patterned beams of light. The subtle camo greens and browns of the ultra light weight metal add a touch of beauty that would not be normally associated with a scrapyard. $1800

Light Investment

This ultra stylish light is an investment as incandescent bulbs are are no longer manufactured and will only appreciate in value. Included is a mix of brand new bulbs found in a military warehouse and recycled bulbs which are illuminated by a central LED source. $2300

Before you know it there will not be even the slightest resemblance to light bulbs as we now know them. This light combines the new and old generation of lighting to accentuate that beauty, celebrating the era of the incandescent bulb and providing a “time capsule of light” that we may look back on in the future.

The Admiral

This stunning coffee table incorporates a 1941 admiralty anchor and is a truly timeless piece. The anchor itself is an investment and is in pristine condition. A historic piece of naval history, it is stamped on the shank as belonging to a WW2 Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB MKII 1941 3014). This piece is guaranteed to captivate guests and be an ice breaker in any setting. POA

Solid Brass. 75mm anti-tank shells which stand 600mm tall. So basically..... very big bullets fitted with led down lights and brass fixtures. Perfect for staircases, voids or over bench tops. $950 (one light)

Driftwood Chandelier

This amazing specimen of driftwood has been rigorously polished and fashioned to house efficient LED down lights. Every possible viewing angle of this piece offers a different but equally awing impression. This is an amazing piece which clearly can never be recreated. Dimensions 1200mm x 400mm Approximately 10kg $4800.00

Greasy French Lace

This Chandelier is made for bicycle chains and a bicycle rim for the canopy. The rim is inlaid with a cream French lace to offset the industrial feel. A truly unique and beautiful piece. These chandeliers can be custom made as well. $2700